Order a personal gift card

This is where you can order a personal gift!

If you have questions about ordering a gift card please contact me before ordering and I will do my best to help you. Send me a message here ->

Deciding the amount
Before ordering please check out the prices and decide the amount you want. Remember that delivery costs will be added to the price of the painting. See the prices and delivery prices here ->

You place your order by sending the form and then I will send you an invoice, that can be payed online via Paypal with your credit card. (Paypal account is not necessary). I only accept payment this way.

Then I will send you a Gift Certificate that can be used to pay entirely or partly for a handmade pastel drawing from my hand. (depending on the amount you choose).

You can have the Gift Certificate sent by e-mail or if you like, I can print it and send it by snail mail. Please let me know by writing in the message field, if you want me to send a printed Gift Card.

Details about your gift card

This gift is from (Purchaser)

This gift is to (Receiver)

If you have more info for me write it here! E.g. if you want the gift card sent to an other address than your own?