How I paint a portrait

Materials and quality

The drawing is created with soft pastels of the finest artist’s quality. They have high permanence ratings so they won’t fade over time.

The paper used is acid free 160 g pastel paper with a little structure. I usually choose a paper in a light warm or cold tone depending on what suits the subject, or what we decide when starting up.

Colours/ pigments are worked into the paper with brushes and other drawing tools, and the result is like a mix of a painting and a drawing.

The drawing is delicate and you should not touch the front side of the paper because it can leave marks or rub off pigment.

It will be sprayed lightly with fixative before being packed, but only in a thin layer in order not to ruin the light colours and subtle shades of the drawing.

The drawing will be delivered to you rolled in a tube, and must be framed with a matte or in a box frame so the glass does not touch the drawing.